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Full Booking Information, Terms & Conditions – Theatre Workout Ltd.


By making payment for your booking you are thereby agreeing to the following booking terms and conditions, updated 29/08/2020.


Any language translations of this site are produced by Google and errors may occur. The following English terms and conditions override any information published on translated pages.

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DMC Hospitality Services


Customer Service & Complaints


Data Protection

Child Welfare & Safeguarding

Theatre Workout Workshops


Creative DMC, as part of Theatre Workout, offers a bespoke service. Any information you provide about your group will be used to ensure you and your group receive the best possible service from Theatre Workout and its partners. The more information you provide about you’re group and their requirements, the better the service we can provide.


Please complete and return the Booking Form supplied with your invoice to tell us about your group before payment is made. Failure to disclose important information about your group may impact the service provided, and it may not be possible to correct issues post payment.

Agents: please ensure this information is forwarded to your clients.

  • Quotes: An unconfirmed estimate for requested events or packages which cannot be guaranteed until reservations are made. 

  • A provisional booking where goods and services have been held with suppliers until a stated due date. Reservations must be paid by this date to secure the booking, but can be amended in any way, including changing dates, times, content, etc in that time.  Changing a reservation may result in changes to prices.

  • Confirmed Booking: A booking which has been paid for, or which has been confirmed on account but arrangement with Theatre Workout.

  • Account Confirmation: A process of confirming a booking for partner clients whereby the booking is treated as paid, but without immediate payment. Payment is required within a set time-frame to finalise arrangements.

  • Confirmation: A verbal or written intention to pay, but where payment has not been processed. Confirmed bookings without payment are treated as a reservation until payment is received.

  • Extension: Arrangement of more time to confirm or pay for a booking. Theatre Workout may not have control over deadlines as this can be dictated by suppliers for third party packages or for venues used to deliver its own workshops and courses.

  • Overdue: When bookings have not been paid for, the deadline has passed, and bookings may be cancelled by suppliers. An urgent update is required to cancel, extend or secure a booking with suppliers. Agreed fees and services cannot be guaranteed if a booking becomes overdue.

  • Cancellation: A booking can be cancelled by Theatre Workout, it’s suppliers or the client at any time before payment is received.


General Terms and Conditions
  • Clients are responsible for ensuring that all booking details are correct including dates, times, quantity and content of their package. Any errors must be communicated to Creative DMC in writing at the earliest opportunity.

  • All invoices are inclusive of VAT at the standard rate. Once paid, a VAT receipt will be issued.

  • Some exceptions to VAT include travel arrangements such as coach hire or London Underground travel cards.

  • Reservations are usually held for about a month without payment. You can cancel or amend your booking in any way during this time, subject to availability and possible price fluctuations.

  • Once a booking is confirmed, no refunds or exchanges are allowed.

  • It may be possible to amend bookings after payment has been made. However, this will be at the discretion of Creative DMC. Admin fees may apply, along with other supplier fees.

  • Failure to pay an invoice by the due date may result in the cancellation of reservations with suppliers. Creative DMC cannot guarantee availability if invoices are not paid in full or on time.

  • Once a booking is confirmed, final details of the booking will be confirmed in writing. Clients must check all information to ensure no mistakes have been made and that all confirmed details of their booking are correct.

  • Should the details of a booking be incorrect the client must alert Creative DMC to resolve no later than seven days after confirmation.

  • Should Creative DMC or its suppliers be forced to cancel a booking, alternative services will be arranged or an equivalent or greater value. Where services cannot be provided clients will receive a refund for that service. 

  • If a booking is cancelled by the client, or the client fails to attend, no refund will be due under any circumstances.

Q: How do I pay for my booking?

A: Payment details are on your invoice. You can pay by bank transfer, cheque or by card via Stripe.

Q: I need to change my booking - is that possible?

A: If your booking is still reserved, you can amend any aspect of your booking. This includes changing dates, times, workshop content, show choices etc.

If your booking has been paid for, additional fees may be charged for changes to your booking as the suppliers discretion. Not all bookings can be cancelled, therefore changes may incur additional studio hire fees, new theatre tickets, etc. which will be passed on to clients.

Theatre Workout may also charge a £25 admin fee for arranging changes to confirmed bookings.


Clients are advised to check all booking details before payment is made to prevent later changes to the booking.


Booking Process:

We've updated our booking process in light of evolving COVID-19 advice and regulations, but we have kept it simple and as flexible as possible to make planning and delivering your booking a positive experience.

There are two options we can offer when booking school trips:

  1. Confidence Package: When you pay us we pay suppliers straight away to get the cheapest deals and secure your bookings. In most cases these activities are non-refundable unless cancelled by the supplier.

  2. Flexible Package: We delay confirming with suppliers until 4-6 weeks before departure. These trips can be cancelled with refunds if you need to, but you may not get the exact itinerary planned depending on availability at the time of booking.


Confidence Package Bookings
  • Contact us to tell us what you want to do, when, and for how many people

  • We will create a bespoke itinerary and produce an estimate for your workshop or travel booking. We will also provide the latest group travel/booking advice, a payment schedule, workshop development forms, etc.

  • You pay 25% deposit and we reserve studios and/or other services, such as rooms, coaches, tickets, etc for your trip. We will provide an updated itinerary.

  • Your second payment (50% of the balance) will act as confirmation of your acceptance of our booking terms and conditions and we will confirm studios and services booked with suppliers.

  • Your final payment will secure all activities and we will forward all tickets, paperwork, etc to you.

Flexible Package Bookings
  • Contact us to tell us what you want to do, when, and for how many people

  • We will create a bespoke itinerary and produce an estimate for your workshop or travel booking. We will also provide the latest group travel/booking advice, a payment schedule, workshop development forms, etc.

  • You pay 25% deposit and we reserve studios and/or other services, such as rooms, coaches, tickets, etc for your trip. We will provide an updated itinerary.

  • Your second payment (50% of the balance) will act as confirmation of your acceptance of our booking terms and conditions. Where possible/requiries we will pay holding deposits with suppliers, but the booking will not be secure at this time.

  • If you choose to cancel your trip you can still receive most of your money back at this time

  • On receipt of your final payment, six weeks before departure, we will secure all activities booked and agreed to. We will forward all tickets, paperwork, etc to you.

  • If you have an unpaid reservation you can cancel your booking at any time without charge.

  • If you have paid a deposit you can cancel at any time minus a cancellation fee (20% of your deposit - usually 25% of your total booking quote).

  • With Confidence Packages there are usually no refunds or exchanges without the agreement of the supplier(s)

  • With Flexible Packages you can cancel:

    • Up to 12 weeks before deparure - free (minus deposit cancellation fee)

    • Up to 6 weeks before departure - 10% fee

    • Up to 5 weeks before departure - 35% fee

    • Up to 4 weeks before departure - 75% fee

    • Fewer than 4 weeks before departure - 100% fee


We strongly advise all groups to secure private group travel insurance. Read more...

DMC Hospitality services

Creative DMC produces bespoke group travel itineraries with a focus on creative eduactional travel. As part of Theatre Workout we are rated Good To Go by Visit Britain meaning we undertake all necessary precautions and risk assessments to ensure trips are delivered safely, following government advice concerning Covid-19. However, that doesn't make trips immune and issues can still occur.


This service includes theatre tickets, backstage tours, meals, travel by coach and train, B&B accommodation and more.

Tickets & Vouchers:

Tickets for theatre performances, attractions etc. may be forwarded to you if provided by the venue. However, in most cases, Creative DMC will provide you with vouchers for any activity booked. 

No tickets will be sent to clients based outside the UK. Vouchers will be sent for all third-party activities by email and/or post. 


Vouchers will also be provided if despatched tickets are lost or stolen. Duplicate tickets will never be despatched a second time. If tickets do not arrive, or are lost, please ensure you notify Creative DMC in advance so arrangements can be made.


Meal Bookings:

Restaurant reservations are advised when booking a group. Most restaurants will offer a set menu for group bookings, and request a pre-order for your group 7-14 days in advance of your visit. This will allow restaurants to make all necessary arrangements for your group to speed up service and ensure you can make later reservations and bookings. 



Travel arrangements are usually exempt from VAT.


Train travel can only be booked up to twelve weeks in advance. If booking more than twelve weeks in advance, Creative DMC can quote for travel based on current prices, but cannot guarantee availability or final prices until tickets are released for sale.

Coach travel can be booked in advance, and is generally considerably cheaper than train travel.


Creative DMC does not supply flights. Our services are purely domestic within the UK.

Hospitality cancellations, delays and complaints:

Creative DMC acts as an agent on behalf of its suppliers for all hospitality services and is therefore not responsible for the delivery of each activity booked. We operate under guidance from each supplier regarding the scheduling of each activity booked through Creative DMC to prived clients with the best possible service.

Creative DMC accepts no responsibility for any costs incurred to a client due to delays, cancellations or errors outside our control, such as traffic congestions or other travel delays, or issues caused by a supplier, but will work on your behalf to rectify any issues.

Should an activity be cancelled by the supplier, a full refund will be sought by Creative DMC on a client’s behalf at the earliest opportunity. Refunds will be offered to the client minus any non-refundable booking fees charged by Creative DMC.

Should any costs be incurred by the client as a result of delays, cancellations or errors caused by the supplier, Creative DMC will seek compensation on the client’s behalf for those services, but they are not guaranteed.

If a client cancels a 3rd party booking, Creative DMC will request a refund from the supplier, but cancellation fees may be charged. Any refunds returned to the client will exclude booking fees charged by Creative DMC or cancellation fees charged by the supplier.

Should a group be delayed, or they do not show for a workshop or other activity, no refunds will be issued.


Creative DMC strongly advises clients to arrange specialist school group travel insurance for their own protection, to cover any unavoidable delays or cancellations out of their control. Click here for more information.


Q: How does Creative DMC source third party suppliers?

A: As a member of various travel associations, Creative DMC has long-standing relationships with many theatres, attractions, restaurants and accommodation suppliers. In many cases we work with suppliers direct and in other cases we use specialist agents to access the best trade offers which are not available to the public. This is particularly the case for restaurants, accommodation and coach hire. Our agents have a strong industry reputation and make every effort to ensure suppliers are suitable for our client's needs.

Q: Regarding Hospitality packages, is Creative DMC a registered tour operator? 

A: Creative DMC is a Destination Management Company supplying packages to clients and to the travel industry. We offer an award-winning one-stop-shop booking service for tickets, tours, accommodation, travel, meals and attractions for groups on request, designed to give you a relaxed and enjoyable self-guided trip.


Creative DMC is not responsible for the delivery of third-party services. We work with a network of trusted agents and industry partners to access the best quality services and prices on behalf of clients.

In the rare case of problems with services booked, these should first be dealt with by suppliers direct, but if the issue is not resolved we can assist. Creative DMC will do everything within its power to liaise with suppliers to find a suitable solution on client's behalf. 

All third-party bookings are arranged in good faith but are not ATOL protected and may be subject to change or cancellation at the suppliers discretion. Once Creative DMC is paid for a trip or activity, the supplier is paid in advance for their services. Cancellations for any reason are only refunded with the express permission and agreement of the supplier as per their terms and conditions.


Q: Does Creative DMC charge booking fees?

A: Yes. Booking fees are charged for hospitality services and activities. Fees are included in the total amounts shown on your invoice.


Due to the government's decision to close schools on Friday 20th March 2020, and impose a UK-wide lockdown with social distancing restrictions from Monday 23rd March 2020, Theatre Workout is currently unable to deliver any workshops or other services via Creative DMC. At present our live programmes are suspended until September 2020 when it will be possible to run workshops in schools as part of Theatre Workout Outreach. We do not expect school trips to resume until January 2021.


This decision is out of the control of Theatre Workout and Creative DMC.


Any booking cancelled by clients before the announcement to close schools will be treated as per our usual terms and conditions, as too will any bookings cancelled by a client for a date beyond current lockdown guidelines.


Any workshop booking cancelled due to UK Government restrictions from Monday 23rd March will be offered a credit note towards a replacement workshop or trip for a later date, minus any reasonable expenses incurred by Theatre Workout for work carried out as per the agreement for that trip.

Any bookings cancelled for third party activities, such as theatre tickets and tours, will be treated as per that supplier's own terms and conditions with either refunds or credit notes offered accordingly. See Theatre Workout's blog for the latest guidance.

The latest guidance we have is that small groups can run from August 2020, and all events should be able to run from 1st October 2020. This is an evolving situation so please contact us for further information.

Creative DMC, as part of Theatre Workout, has been accredited with a 'We're Good To Go' award by Visit Britain as we prepare for our full reopening.

Further Advice:

UK Government Covid-19 Stats

UK Inboud Guidance for Group Tours

BETA Covid-19 Advice Hub

Trip Insurance

Cutomer Service
Customer Service & Complaints

If you have any questions, concerns or complaints regarding your booking or the service received from Creative DMC or its partners, please contact Creative DMC in writing at, stating all evidence and claim information.  

While Creative DMC is not responsible for the service delivered by its partners, it is important to the company that service is of the highest standard and will endeavour to assist in any way possible.


We thank you for booking with Creative DMC and we hope you enjoy your booking. We look forward to working with you soon.

Q: Something went wrong - I want to complain. Who do I contact?

A: We take complaints seriously. We make every effort to ensure all our clients receive the best possible service by Creative DMC, its partners and suppliers, but occasionally the best plans can go wrong. 


In the case of issues with Theatre Workout's workshops, everything will be done to ensure the session delivered meets your needs. Theatre Workout takes full responsibility for any issues relating to workshops, and will do what we can to remedy any concerns as quickly as possible. If unavoidable issues impact the delivery of your workshop causing delays or cancellations you will receive a refund or replacement booking, but Theatre Workout cannot take any responsibility for any additional costs incurred, such as for travel. 


In the case of any third party booking, such as for theatre tickets, travel or accommodation, Creative DMC is not responsible for the delivery of these activities. Responsibility lies with the service provider, who should be your first point of contact if something goes wrong. Please speak with on-site staff straight away, but ensure you inform Creative DMC of any developments. If on-site staff are not able to address your concerns, please contact Creative DMC immediately and we will look into it on your behalf.

For clarity of information, all complaints must be made in writing by email. Please contact Creative DMC on with full details of your complaint, so we can log it against your booking and investigate with suppliers, practitioners, venues, etc.

In the case of emergencies, you can call Creative DMC on +44 (0)20 8144 2290 to discuss and we will do everything possible to assist you.


For the safety of the client and employees of Creative DMC, as part of Theatre Workout Ltd, holds Public and Employers Liability Insurance covering all workshops and third party activities provided by the company. This covers a range of issues which may occur during an activity or visit, such as accidents or illness due to service issues.

You are not covered for issues relating to cancellation or delays to your trip, extra costs incurred, or any issues related to COVID-19! All groups are strongly advised to obtain group travel insurance to cover any cancellations or costs due to COVID-19 and other issues outside of our control, such as delays caused by travel congestion resulting in cancelled activities.

In partnership with Endsleigh Insurance, you can purchase Single Trip Group Travel Insurance to provide extra protection during your trip. Click here for more information and a quote.

Insurance for workshops and courses is held with Hiscox Insurance Company Ltd via Hencilla Canworth.



Section wording

11497 WD-HSP-UK-HSH-GL (2)


Hiscox Insurance Company Limited

Limit of indemnity


Insurance for third party activities is held with Touchstone Underwriting via Endsleigh


Endsleigh Insurance (Brokers) Limited

Limit of indemnity


Policy Number:


Q: I want to protect my trip - what can I do? 

A: Certain aspects of your trip are protected. If a performance or other activity is cancelled by the service provider they are responsible for refunding you. However, they are not responsible for any impact on the rest of your booking, such as if a coach or train is diverted or breaks down. 


Clients are advised to arrange independent travel insurance to cover all aspects of their trip, as booked with Creative DMC.

Theatre Workout, in partnership with Endsleigh Insurance Services now offer competitive single trip travel insurance protection for your group which we recommend to all clients to protect their trip in the event of unexpected events which cause delays or cancellations to your trip. Read more here. 

Clients are advised to contact Creative DMC via Theatre Workout in writing regarding any issue relating to Public Liability Insurance, or to request a copy of Theatre Workout’s insurance documentation.

Creative DMC accepts no responsibility for any accident or event outside the programmes created by the company. For any issues relating to third parties (including, but not limited to hotels, restaurants, theatres, the streets of London, etc.). Creative DMC may provide assistance, and groups are covered by that venue’s own public liability insurance.

Any issues relating to services from Creative DMC’s partners should be reported in writing.​

Data protection, usage and management:

Creative DMC may use your contact data for marketing purposes, to tell you news and other programme information related to your interests. You can opt out of this service at any time. If you unsubscribe, your data record may be kept for compliance purposes but we will not use it for future marketing. 


Your data may be shared internally with practitioners and externally with supplier partners for the sole purpose of developing and delivering your booking(s).

Creative DMC will not sell or share your data in any way with other third party organisations.

Data is stored securely in trusted, password-protected, online systems which are integral to the management and delivery of Creative DMC's services. This may include, but not limited to, document storage (Drop Box), C.R.M. (Capsule), accounting (Xero), marketing (Mail Chimp), and payment (Pay Pal and Strip) platforms, which are accessible only by Creative DMC staff. 


Creative DMC takes full responsible for the safe sharing of your data, and partner systems have been chosen in part due to their security features. Some data, such as names, telephone numbers and email addresses, may be stored locally on physical devises which are password protected. In the unlikely event of any data breech, Creative DMC will work with our partners to ensure your personal data is protected to the best of our ability.  


Your data may be kept as long as is legally permitted as part of Creative DMC's commitment to deliver the best possible service to clients. Your data records may be deleted by Creative DMC on receipt of a formal, written request. 

Data Protection
Child Supervision and Safeguarding

Creative DMC is not responsible for your students during your visit and requires teaching, or other school supervisory staff, to be present at all times.

Creative DMC recommends school groups consist of at least 1 adult per 10 students.

A minimum of 1 teacher must remain with each student group at all times during our workshops and we actively encourage participation by teaching staff in our workshops. Should no supervising staff be present at any time, workshop practitioners or other educational delivery staff may pause or end a learning session and remove themselves from the space until supervising teachers return.

In an emergency, teachers are advised to follow evacuation instructions given by the venue, workshop leader, or other on-site venue staff, such as front of house, office and education staff being the first port of call.


Creative DMC recommends that students under the age of 14 are always escorted by an adult when they need to leave the workshop space for any reason, and group leaders have sole responsibility for the welfare of their students at any event, attraction, activity or venue arranged by Creative DMC.

In the event that practitioners identify any concerns regarding a student’s welfare, or a student reports any issues to our practitioners, they are advised to first report this to the group’s teachers, or to Creative DMC’s main office, so it can be reported back to the school.

In the unlikely event teachers or students have any concerns regarding the welfare of students within a workshop, it should first be reported to the practitioner, or to Creative DMC’s main office on 0208 144 2290. All reports must be followed up in writing.

All workshop leaders and assistants are made aware of the Department of Health’s guidelines “what to do if you’re worried that a child is being abused” and would alert the our main office of any concerns.

All Theatre Workout practitioners are DBS checked. All are professionally trained and have at least three years of professional experience in their field. They also have extensive teaching experience with Theatre Workout and other organisations.

However, for the welfare of all concerned, Theatre Workout recommends that Theatre Workout staff are never left unsupervised with an individual child, and that supervising staff are always present.

In the event of any concerns regarding behaviour at any venue organised by Creative DMC as part of your trip, you should speak to venue staff initially and follow up with Creative DMC. If on site staff are unable to assist, please contact Creative DMC immediately to discuss.

Child Supervision
Theatre Workout Workshops & Participatory Events:

In order for your workshop or event to be successful a two-way relationship must be developed between our workshop or event leader(s) and your group. Participants, Group Leaders and Theatre Workout's Practitioners are all expected to adhere to our code of conduct.

Workshop Basics:

All workshops are interactive and you are advised to wear suitable attire or bring a change of clothing with you. Comfortable, loose fitting clothing is ideal with suitable footwear.


Heeled shoes, boots, tight-fitting or restrictive clothing is not advised. You may be asked to remove these items for health and safety, and for productivity reasons.


You are also advised to bring with you bottled water, pen and paper.

Q: Where will our workshop/event take place?

A: Venue names are always listed on your invoice and other booking documents. Workshop Venue addresses and map links can be found here.   


Q: How much do workshops cost? 

A: Prices depend on the nature of the booking you want to make, We make every effort to keep our costs low and to subsidise workshops for schools and youth groups, particularly from disadvantaged backgrounds, so have higher rates for leisure and corporate groups. Prices are generally based on the group size and event duration. Minimum rates apply*: 

Education Groups based on groups of 25+. Teachers go free but must be present and are encouraged to participate.

  • Two hour workshops from £18.50 per person 

  • Three hour workshops from £25 per person 

  • Four hour workshops from £35 per person

  • Full day (six hour + lunch) workshops from £47.50 per person

£5 surcharge per person for film acting, armed stage combat, and make-up demonstrations due to extra equipment and resources required. 

Leisure Groups have a split price structure depending on the group size:

  • 90 minute parties from £30.50 per person for the first 15 people, then £17.50 for each extra person

  • Two hour parties from £40.50 per person for the first 15 people, then £20 for each extra person

  • Three hour parties from £45 per person for the first 15 people, then £22.50 for each extra person

Extra fees may apply for selected activities when extra equipment or resources are required.

Business programmes aim to use our premium spaces in West End theatres, hotels and other top creative spaces with a higher ratio of practitioners to participants, compared to our other programmes. Sample prices for groups of 15+ are:

  • Three hour events from £95 per person

  • Full day events from £170 per person

  • Full day with buffet lunch from £195 per person

*All workshop prices include VAT, West End studio hire, practitioners and tailoring to your group's needs and interests as part of our bespoke service.


Q: Do teachers have to pay for workshops?

A: No, teachers accompanying students groups are free but must be present and we do encourage them to participate. 


Q: Who leads the workshops? 

A: All Theatre Workout workshops are led by trained, professional theatre practitioners including actors, singers, dancers, directors, fight directors, make-up artists etc. Many of our team have performed in the West End, on national tours or have credits with companies like the RSC and National Theatre. Some have their own production companies but all have extensive experience leading workshops and have received training from Theatre Workout. All Theatre Workout practitioners are DBS (formerly CRB) checked and are covered by Theatre Workout's public liability insurance.

Q: Are there minimum or maximum numbers for your workshops? 

A: No. We will work with any group of any size, age, ability etc. However, for large groups we may split them between different studios with multiple workshops running simultaneously. 


Q: Are there any minimum fees for workshops? 

A: Yes. Prices vary depending on the nature of your event but are generally based on groups of 15, 20 or 25+. Group rates are above, but contact Theatre Workout for more information.


Q: What is the youngest age Theatre Workout caters for? 

A: As a guide, seven is the youngest age Theatre Workout caters for, but exceptions may apply. There is no upper age limit!

Q: Can I get a risk assessment?

A: Theatre Workout does not own or manage any of the venues used for workshops, and the content of each workshop may vary based on the age, ability, and requirements of each group taking part. As such, Theatre Workout does not have any risk assessments for its workshops.


However, every venue has been inspected by Theatre Workout. Any issues or concerns are reported back to Theatre Workout by its practitioners, and conversations are ongoing with venue management regarding the suitability of each venue for the delivery of workshops and we continue to liaise with them regarding post-COVID workshop safety.

Practitioners are also trained in best practice, health and safety, and child welfare, to ensure workshops are delivered in a safe and productive manner.


Theatre Workout cannot be held responsible for individual action of participants outside of the instructions given, which may result in accident or injury to the individual in question, or to others.


Risk assessments for third party suppliers, such as accommodation or travel suppliers, may be possible. Please contact Theatre Workout at least three weeks ahead of your event to discuss.


Should a client need to conduct its own risk assessment, arrangements can be made with suppliers. Please contact Theatre Workout at least three weeks ahead of your planned risk assessment date.

Q: How do you manage breaks?

A: During a standard two hour-long workshops no break is given. Students are permitted to use facilities within the venue if they need to go. Theatre Workout staff are not responsible for their supervision when outside of the workshop space.


During a workshop of more than two hours, toilet and refreshment breaks will be provided. Students and/or school staff must provide the groups refreshments unless arranged with Theatre Workout in advance.

Day Long Workshops: Theatre Workout may be able to arrange lunch to be delivered to the workshop venue by arrangement. Alternatively students can bring a packed lunch or make provision to purchase lunch locally.


Most studios do not allow consumption of food without permission. If you want to hire the studio for your group to eat packed lunches etc after your workshop, studios must be hired for the extra time and a member of Theatre Workout staff must be present to ensure the space is left as it was found as we are responsible for the studio.

Written permission must be received from Theatre Workout confirming the venue’s consent and the extra hire must be paid for.

If workshops are cut short to enable you to eat without the extra hire, written consent is still required and permission must be sought from the venue management.

Q: What happens if a venue is evacuated?

A: In the event of an emergency evacuation during one of our workshops or at any other venue, please follow venue staff instructions.


Please be aware that each workshop venue used by Theatre Workout will have its own evacuation procedure. Workshop leaders and group leaders should both take responsibility for checking evacuation procedures on arrival at the workshop venue

Details of the Assembly Point can be obtained from venue staff on the day of arrival.

Photography and Filming

Creative DMC reserves the right to record any of its workshops for internal documentation, staff assessment, and quality control. This may include the taking of photographs or video.

If any images or recordings are suitable for marketing purposes, authorisation will be sought from the school and or students before use.

Creative DMC permits clients the use of photography and filming in its workshops. Any copies provided to Creative DMC for the companies own documentation would be gratefully received.

Permission to take photos or to film outside the workshop studio must be obtained from the venue management.

Accidents and illness

Theatre Workout staff are trained to avoid accident or injury in all workshops, however some workshop content may involve some degree of risk, such as in stage combat, or any other physically based workshop, such as dance or physical theatre. Practitioners will always exercise caution when conducting any exercise.


Creative DMC can take no responsibility for unavoidable accidents outside of its control during the workshop or within the workshop venue, caused by individuals within the group, other persons within a venue, or by the physical venue itself.


In the event of a student suffering an accident during a workshop with Creative DMC:

  • Creative DMC, Theatre Workout staff and the group leader will establish what action needs to be taken and will put any measures in place together

  • In the event of minor issues, the affected individual should be cared for by group leaders/teachers while the practitioner continues with the workshop.

  • In more serious circumstances, a workshop may be terminated, especially if the health and safety of the group is of concern.

  • Creative DMC staff may not be able to provide any form of medical treatment. If necessary, Theatre Workout or venue staff may contact the emergency services. The group leader must ensure that the child is cared for until further help arrives

  • Details of all accidents should be reported to the Creative DMC main office in writing by both the workshop leader and the group leader


First Aid Kits are usually located within each workshop venue. Please consult venue staff if necessary.

Any known health or welfare issues affecting individuals within a group should be reported at the time of booking. Measures can be taken to avoid triggering any conditions.

Emergency contact details

Supervising teaching staff should have access to emergency contact information for the students in their care, and should have parental consent for the students to participate in any workshop with Theatre Workout.

In an emergency, Theatre Workout workshop leaders will contact the Theatre Workout main office for more information.


Our contact details are 0208 144 2290 | 07932 729031 |

TW Workshops
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