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Group Travel Packages
About Us


Creative DMC*, by Theatre Workout, is the only Destination Management Company specialising in group travel and the world-class creative culture Britain has to offer.


Creativity and culture are boundless, so unlike most DMCs we don't just work in one geographical location. We cover the whole of the UK, combining our passion for travel with creative learning and cultural engagement.


Specialising in educational group travel, Creative DMC curates bespoke itineraries for groups from around the world. We believe you're never too old to learn and experience creativity, so we cater for groups of all ages including corporate client's reward schemes and client hospitality, and family groups.

Discover our sample tours here, or contact us to curate your own package today.

Creative DMC is a part of Theatre Workout, a multi-award-winning training and travel company based in London's West End.

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What is a DMC?


A DMC is a Destination Management Company and generarlly specialise in a particular location. They are predominantly used by international tour operators and businesses who need an experienced, expert partner in the destination they are travelling to.

For example, if you are a tour operator sending clients areound the world, you may want to work a local DMC with expert knowledge to find the right accommodation, travel advice and attractions for your clients.

Most DMCs are specialists in a specific geographical location, such as London or Edinburgh. Creative DMC specialises in creativity and culture, across the UK. We package engaging, creative and cultural activities with all your travel needs, including coach hire, accommodation, meals, transfers, attractions, theatre tickets, guided tours and more...

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What is a DMC?
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