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Student ID for travel

Further to our recent post on maintaining the List of Travellers scheme, French travel associations lobby the government with support from BETA.

French associations and agencies, supported by BETA, have come together to write to the UK government to ask them to reconsider the change in rules linked to ID cards for student groups. You can read the letter here and feel free to share it with your own MP.

This is in addition to the recent lobbying letter which we reported on recently from German associations and agencies. BETA has asked UKVI, HMPO and also DCMS to provide help and support in this area in order to find a solution and are awaiting further response. escorted by their teachers.

France and Germany send around 17,000 school groups to the UK each year, representing around 750,000 students, who make a combined spend in the UK of around £2.4bn on courses, accommodation, travel, meals, attractions, excursions and more.

We hope you are able to see the importance of this matter and we can count upon your support for this issue.

For more information visit You can also write to your local MP, or contact us to collaborate.


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